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    Team Building and Group Dynamics

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    1) You are a manager of a team of 12 capable individuals. Your director just gave you a high-profile project, and it requires immediate attention involving some extremely innovative thinking. The project's beginning and end will entail a lot of work, but there will be minimal work during the middle. The expected duration of the project is six months, and there will be approximately four full-time resources at the beginning, two during the middle, and five during the end. Currently, your team is fully occupied with multiple projects. You have the leverage to hire three additional consultants at any level you choose. Design a process for selecting the perfect project team.

    2) create a two- to three-page analysis report with the following considerations:

    What is the identity of the team? The team identity is not about numbers; it is a qualitative identity. For example, some teams have an identity as the heroes of the organization, always available to fix problems for other people; some have an identity as victims, always blaming others.

    What emotions exist within the team, and what mediums enable the transfer of emotions within the team? How might emotions prohibit or advance team performance?

    What are the core values of the team?

    How does the team learn together?

    What are the core competencies of the team, considering the skill sets possessed by the team members? Keep in mind the skill sets may include common ones like communication and uncommon ones like emotional awareness.

    What communication mediums exist within the team as well as the organization, and how can they be improved upon?

    What are some recommendations you see considering team identity, learning, core competence, and communication? What is the impact on the team members once the team implements these recommendations?

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