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    Team Work and Team Building

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    In a report about working in teams please answer the following questions:

    1. What was experience working with teams in or outside your workplace? Be as specific as possible.
    2. Identify and explain the advantages and disadvantages that you experienced while working in the team.
    3. Describe and analyze the team-building processes that you and your teammates implemented. How effective or ineffective were these?
    4. What was your experience as it relates to your organization's culture?
    5. Do you think that your experience was typical of a group process? If so why? If not, analyze why your experience was different.

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    Working in a team in my organization is typically a positive experience. All team members know what needs to be accomplished, in terms of goals and deadlines. Everyone is aware of how to achieve those goals. The real challenge is in deciding who will do what and within what time frame. Because the team is relatively small, there have been many opportunities for members to get to know each other, in terms of abilities, strengths as weaknesses. Each member has a fairly accurate understanding of which tasks other members are best at are most suited for. With this in mind, when a supervisor presents a specific challenge, it is often the team members who are able to quickly identify which members will take on specific types of tasks.

    The advantages of working on this team are numerous. Knowing the strengths and abilities of each member means that other members are able to adequately acknowledge the special skills of team mates, providing a source of self worth and motivation. Every task is assigned to the person most able to get it done in a given time frame. This helps in ...

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