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    Diverse Team Building

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    Diversity can present communication barriers, which can affect productivity and positive work environments. Team-building activities offer an opportunity for work groups to collaborate, communicate, and learn about one another. Create your own, or select a team-building activity that creates opportunities for collaboration and communication among a diverse work group. Include the following criteria in your team-building activity:
    a. Describe the
    i. At least three cultures
    ii. 4-15 members in the work group
    b. Describe an activity that:
    i. Promotes team work
    ii. Is not offensive to the cultures
    iii. Provides opportunities for fun
    iv. Provides opportunities for learning
    c. Describe how the activity will be effective for the diverse participants

    Create your own or select an activity from the Internet. Feel free to search the Internet for other activities.

    This team-building activity does not have to be industry or job specific. In fact, it should focus on teamwork and communication.

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    Diverse Team Building

    Team building has become a key factor that contributes to the successful operations of many companies. Currently, there are more traditional organizations converting to virtual organizations in an effort to increase market versatility by operating in global markets. Team development strategies, specifically in the areas of diversity, collaboration, and communication are supplemental skills needed to maintain success in team-oriented projects.

    1. Diversity - This team-building strategy is the ability to work with a wide variety or range of differences. The differences can be cultural mixes, personality differences, age differences, gender differences, and so forth.

    2. Collaboration - This developmental action is the ability to work together by sharing thoughts and ideas in a respectful and encouraging environment. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources lead to ...

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