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    Wal-Mart: Relationship between Strategic & Financial Plannin

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    Using Wal-Mart, prepare a paper in which you describe the relationship between strategic planning and financial planning.

    A. Describe a strategic planning initiative for Wal-Mart and identify a strategic initiative discussed in Wal-Mart's annual report, which can be found on www.walmartstores.com. and on the attached file.

    B. Describe how this intiative will impact the organization's financial planning.

    1) How will Wal-Mart's initiative impact costs?

    2) How will Wal-Mart's initiative impact sales?

    C. Describe the risks associated with the initiative and the financial impact that these risks may have.

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    //Before scripting about the impact of strategic planning and financial planning on Wal-Mart, it is essential to gain knowledge about the Company's background. One should know about its annual report,, which further will assist in analyzing the Company's position//


    Wal-Mart is an American company which operates through a large number of departmental stores. This can be proved with the help of the company's annual report for the year 2008. According to this data, the company is named as the world's largest public corporation revenue generator. The company takes several initiatives to determine its strategic planning (Wal-Mart, 2008).

    //Above is the discussion of Company background by highlighting the annual report. Moving to the next direction, explanation about the strategic planning initiative of the Company is to be thrown light upon//

    The company takes a large number of initiatives for making its strategic planning strong and effective. Wal-Mart does its planning in such an effective manner that the operations of the company enable the customers to save more money. According to the current data, Wal-Mart is implementing several environmental measures for increasing the energy efficiency of its operations. Wal-Mart always frames its financial strategies in a way to keep low prices on the counter products in order to achieve maximum profits. By this, it generates a large volume of revenue every year.

    The company makes changes in its strategic planning according to the changing economic environment. For saving the time of its customers, Wal-Mart has made one stop shopping centers. By this, it makes its customers more loyal. Another initiative of Wal-Mart's strategic planning relates to its responsibility towards the environment. For this purpose, it has made about 145 million energy efficient bulbs and saved energy for three new coal-fired power plants. In addition to this, the company also provides better health insurance ...

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