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Role of information systems

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Donna, your CEO, wants you to present your analysis and your draft of a winning strategy to the Executive Committee Meeting (ECM). As an IS-savvy executive, you have debated upon the scenario and come to certain conclusions. This is your first big meeting since you joined, and you want to make an indelible impression. Make a convincing and winning presentation on the "scope for improvement" (broad technology) areas, specifically concerning FYC's retailing business. Also write a memo to the ECM to circulate to the committee members during the meeting, explaining the major organizational structure change and why you propose it.

The expanded explanation of FYC's structure

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To: Executive Committee Meeting
Date: February 27, 20xx
Sub: Organization Structure Changes
Need for organizational structure changes

FYC is an ergonomic furniture manufacturing company. It has around 16 stores all over USA and manufactures residential as well as commercial office furniture for the customers. It works according to the demands of the customer and satisfies them in the best possible manner. The company has its main manufacturing unit in USA and produces well furnished designer products for the customers. The organizational structure of the ...

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