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    Product Variation

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    Using the Hartman Industries LLC web page... define the variation identified in the as-is flow chart Thanks in advance

    About Hartman Industries, LLC is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With state-of-the-art design capabilities, Hartman Industries create innovative plastic designs that have earned international acclaim. Attention to detail, extreme precision, and high quality control standards are the hallmarks of Hartman Industries. We have the capacity to fulfill your unique needs and have facilities across the country, including locations in: San Jose, California; Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; and Hangzhou, China.
    Our Focus
    ? Hartman Industries defines its company attitude and abilities by applying Six Sigma, exceeding ISO 9000 standards, and engaging in innovative research and development (R&D).
    ? Hartman Industries aims to provide solutions to customer challenges through the use of high-quality polymer materials.
    ? The Hartman Industries R&D Department strives to maintain its position as the industry leader by continuously identifying industry trends

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    There are two places in the flowchart, where process or product variation can be identified. One is in the Molding department, right after we inspect the product and determine if the product is within specifications. The variation here can be determined as either a common cause variation or a special cause variation. Both types of variations are possible and are depend on if the process is in control or not. If we determine the product is not ...

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