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Six Sigma Program: Telephone Customer Service Case Study

The case study:
Please describe the recommended processes that are measured through the implementation of the six sigma program in the telephone customer service department.

The solution examples what a six sigma program is and how it can be used in this scenario. Examples include tracking call time before reaching a "live" person, duration of calls and requesting that customers rate service. Another use of the program would be to track how often and under what circumstances customer service representatives transfer calls to managers.

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Six Sigma, is a standard of measurement for process improvement, typically with a statistical goal of 3.4 defects per million units (reference below). The strategy behind Six Sigma is to define the cause of defects, analyze the factors creating the issue, develop solutions to significantly reduce the defect cause, monitor progress and review results.

With a telephone customer service department, there are four recommendations to improve functions, which can be measured by Six Sigma. The first would be number rings before a customer talks with a service representative, or is diverted into a phone tree. If the organization has a goal that 99 percent of calls are answered within three rings, the telephone system ...

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This solution is over 450 words and provides a reference. It thoroughly explains what the six sigma process is and provides several recommendations on utilizing in a telephone customer service department. In this case study, six sigma can be used to measure both quantitative and qualitative data.