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Lessons from the Box Case Study

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Review the Harvard Business Review case study "Box: The Evolution of Management Practices in a Start-Up."

What lessons did you learn from the Box case study that you could apply to the Precision case study?

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What Precision can learn from the Box Case Study is discussed in a structured manner in this response. The related reference is also provided.

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There are several lessons that I learned from the Box case study that can be applied to the "Appraising Performance at Precision". In the Precision case study, Jackson came across several issues related to performance evaluation. The issues are that there were no job descriptions to develop job expectations, the supervisors rate all the employees about the same, and very rarely does an employee get an exceptionally high or low score. The final problem is that there is little communication between the supervisors and employees about performance.

From the Box case study, the lessons that I can learn and ...

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