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Pre-Algebra : Solving Equations and Writing Equations from Word Problems (7 Problems)

Solve the equations:

1- 3.14 = Z/-3.7

2- -4.7t = 12.22

3- m+2.7 = -9.3

4- -38=z minus 20.5

Write an algebraic equation and solve.

1- Years of stress from his BLA students have reduced the number of hair on Mr. Sit's head to 7560 strands. if he lost 963 strands during his time at BLA, how much hair did Mr. Sit have before he started at BLA?

2- Leah, Melissa, and Natalie are going to a dance party next month. However, they do not have any rhythm or beat. Because they know that he is a dancing machine, they beg mr. Sit for some dance lessons. After eleven lessons with dance master Smit, they are jamming dancers. If Mr Smit charged each of them $825 for the lessons, how much was each lesson?

3- Mr Smit went to stop and shop to pick up some snacks. He bought three cans of spam for $3 each, a gallon of prune juice, two cans of anchioves for $2.75 each, and a box of jello for $.85 if he spent a total of $18.20 how much ws the prune juice?

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1. 3.14 = Z/-3.7

2. -4.7t = 12.22

divide both sides by -4.7,
then, t = 12.22/ (-4.7)
= -2.6

3. m+2.7 = -9.3

substract 2.7 from both sides,
then m = -9.3-2.7
= -12

4. -38=z minus 20.5

add 20.5 to both sides,
then 20.5-38 = z
hence z = -27.5

1- years of ...

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