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Assorted Algebra Problems

Please see the attached file for all of the problems.

12. Rose's garden is in the shape of a trapezoid. If the height of the trapezoid is 16m, one base is 20m and the area is 224m2, find the length of the other base.

13. The sum of two consecutive integers is 145. Find the two integers.

14. Yuri has a board that is 98 in. long. He wishes to cut the board into two pieces so that one piece will be 10in. longer than the other. What should the length of each piece be?

15. The Randolphs use 12 more gal of fuel oil in October than in September and twice as much oil in November as in September. If they used 132 gal for the 3 months, how much was used during each month?

Solve and check the following equations


Solve for x and check your result


5. Jose has savings accounts for each of his five children. They contain $215, $156, $318, $75 and $25. Find the median and the mean amount of money per account.

Solve for x and check your results




Solve each literal equation for the indicated variable
9. Linear equation

10. (for s) Depreciation

11. (for b) Area of a trapezoid


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