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    Algebra and Logic Word Problems

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    5. The sign says you are leaving Missoula, Butte is 120 mi
    away, and Bozeman is 200 mi away. There is a rest stop
    halfway between Butte and Bozeman. How far is the rest
    stop from Missoula?

    13. Suppose you could spend $10 every minute, night and day.
    How much could you spend in a year? (Assume there are
    365 days in a year.)

    7. Complete the following magic square;
    square so that the sum in each row, column,
    is the same.
    16 3 2 13
    9 7 12
    4 14

    11. A total of 129 players entered a single-elimination handball
    tournament. In the first round of play, the top-seeded player
    received a bye and the remaining 128 players played in
    64 matches. Thus, 65 players entered the second round of
    play. How many matches must be played to determine the
    tournament champion?

    15. A carpenter has three large boxes. Inside each large box are
    two medium-sized boxes. Inside each medium-sized box
    are five small boxes. How many boxes are there altogether?

    21. There are three baskets sitting next to each other on a
    high shelf so that you cannot see the contents of any
    basket. Under the first basket is a sign that says APPLES.
    Under the second basket is a sign that says ORANGES,
    and under the third basket is a sign that says APPLES
    AND ORANGES. Each basket is incorrectly labeled.
    One basket contains all apples, one all oranges, and one a
    combination of apples and oranges. Is it possible to reach
    up on the shelf and without looking into any of the
    baskets select one piece of fruit and on the basis of
    knowing what that piece of fruit is correctly label all
    three baskets? Explain your reasoning.

    *28. Write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of the following:
    If we have a rock concert, someone will faint.

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