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College Algebra: Writing Equations from Word Problems (4 Problems)

Please help with the following attached questions:


2. If 40L of an acid solution is 75% acid, how much pure acid is there in the mixture?

8. Unknown Numbers: Consider the following problem. The difference between six times a number and 9 is equal to five times the sum of the number and 2. Find the number.

If x represents the number, which equation si correct for solving this problem?
A. 6x - 9 = 5(x + 2)
B. 9 - 6x = 5(x + 2)
C. 6x - 9 = 5x + 2
D. 9 = 6x = 5x + 2

12. Dimensions of a Puzzle Piece: A puzzle piece in the shape of a triangle has perimeter 30 cm. Two sides of the triangle are each twice as long as the shortest side. Find the length of the shortest side.

20. Distance Between Cities: On a vacation, Johnny averaged 50 mph traveling from Denver to Minneapolis. Returning by a different route that covered the same number of miles, he averaged 55 mph. What is the distance between the two cities if his total traveling time was 32 hr?

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