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Writing Equations from Word Problems

74. An algebraic equation is a complete sentence. It has a subject, a verb, and a predicate. For example, x + 2 = 5 can be written in English as "Two more than a number is five." Or. "A number added to two is five." Write an English version of the following equations. Be sure you write complete sentences and that the sentences express the same idea as the equations. Exchange sentences with another student, and see if your interpretations of each other's sentences result in the same equation.
(a) 2x?5=x+ 1 (b) 2(x+2)=14
(c)n+5=n/2 ?6 (d)7?3a=5+a

66. Write an algebraic equation for the English statement "Subtract 5 from the sum of x and 7 times 3 and the result is 20." Compare your equation with other students. Did you all write the same equation? Are all the equations correct even though they don't look alike? Do all the equations have the same solution? What is wrong? The English statement is ambiguous. Write another English statement that leads correctly to more than one algebraic equation. Exchange with another student and see if the other student thinks the statement is ambiguous. Notice that the algebra is not ambiguous!

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Problem #74
(a) Twice of a number minus five is the number increased by 1.
(b) Twice of the sum of a number and two is fourteen.
(c) A number ...

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