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Case Study Analysis

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In 550-600 words. Visit at least two different fast-food restaurants that
make hamburgers. For example, in the United States McDonald's,
Wendy's, and Burger King are good choices. For some of you fastfood
junkies, this will not be difficult; vegans may have to take a
friend for product testing. Observe the basic operational differences
between these stores. Note the differences in the following

1) Describe the production process observed

2) Identify the customer expectations for the service and product

3) Answer the seven questions at the end of the case

4) State your opinion concerning the process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements

5) Make recommendations for improving the process

Case Questions:

1 How are in-store orders taken?
2 Are the hamburgers prepared to order, or are they prepared
ahead of time and delivered from a storage bin?
3 How are special orders handled?
4 How are the hamburgers cooked?
5 How are the hamburgers assembled?
6 Is a microwave oven used in the process?
7 How are other common items, such as french fries and
drinks, handled?

I will be using Jack-in-the-box and McDonalds because I have already visited these two fast food restaurants. I do not understand how to answer questions 1,2,4, and 5, from the above 5. I know the answers to the case questions from what I have observed at both restaurants. Can you give me some kind of example to the answers to these questions maybe using two other restaurants. Thanks

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Case Study Analysis

The following case study analyzes two fast food restaurant chains that make hamburgers. The two fast food chains taken for this analysis are Jack-in-the-box and McDonalds. This case study brings out the operational differences between the two fast food chains.

Production Process in the Restaurants

The production process of the two fast food restaurants is discussed below:

Jack In the Box

The restaurant provides freshly prepared food. The production does not start until the order is placed by the customers. The Company is deeply committed to the food quality and safety. The company follows the process of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system, to oversee the entire food production. The company takes supplies from the outside vendors, so they are asked to maintain proper cleanliness and food-safety procedures in their facilities. In the restaurants there are separate inspections done in each shift of production. When the production process starts; in the beginning of each shift, management personnel check workstations to oversee that they are maintaining the cleanliness standards and following the safety and quality procedures (Jack in the Box, 2009).


At McDonald's, the emphasis is on achieving efficiency and speed in the production process. All the restaurants are expected to follow same procedures. The production ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 818 Words, APA References