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    Intervention Programs

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    Suppose you are a middle school counselor, and your school has been identified as having the lowest test scores out of the three middle schools in your district. You have been tasked with developing a program to address this issue. You can either develop an intervention program or a prevention program, but not both.
    Which program would you develop, and why? Conduct some informal research on this topic in the current literature of the field, and use at least one resource to support your position. Cite your resource using APA formatting.

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    There are many intervention programs that are easily investigated, so for this reason I have chosen to guide you in the process of choosing an Intervention instead of a Prevention program. In doing so I can also allow you to access an original work that thoroughly addresses one of the options below. However, it is imperative that you use this as a source and do not copy or paste any portion of it. You are welcomed to quote me as long as you properly cite my work.
    Following you will find several Intervention programs to choose from:

    RTI. (Response to Intervention) (See attachment) [I advocate this ...

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    Discussion of differing intervention programs that would target low test scores. Several different programs are cited however, the document and attachment attend to the RTI (Response to Intervention) program as a study example.