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    Sunsweet Growers and Information Technology

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    Discuss specifically how information technology is helping Sunsweet Growers meet their logistics needs.

    Upton, Harold, Harpal Singh. (2007, Mar.) Balanced S&OP: Sunsweet Growers' Story, Supply Chain Management Review. New York: Vol.11. Issues 2; pg 51.

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    This case study manifests the advantages of implementing a successful S&OP program. The program was implemented by Sunsweet Growers.

    Sunsweet Growers is into the business of dried fruits products.
    Prior to the use of the S&OP program, Sunsweet Growers had encountered a number of operational problems such as weather, crop yield, inventory, demand and supply problems, production oversupply and undersupply.

    In the background of these activities, is a paper-based spreadsheet system that manages the supply chain functions. But the company saw the limitations of the Excel-based tool it was using.

    Sunsweet company was only using Excel in their information system and there are inherent problems with it. These limitations are:

    - As business complexities increase, so did the spreadsheets. The same data in different spreadsheets was inconsistent, and the spreadsheets did not allow for managing complex planning and scheduling issues
    - Spreadsheets often don't have the latest data if data updates from corporate systems are not automated or systemized
    - Setting up a collaborative environment can be difficult because merging spreadsheets can break down in a tedious, manual process.
    - A number of complex spreadsheets are needed to represent the business problem, and these eventually collapse under their own weight
    - Many of the business ...

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    The solution discusses how Sunsweet Growers utilized software solutions provided by S&OP to meet their logistics needs.