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Channel Management Decisions in Action

For my team project we are a marketing team tasked with coming up with a new product to be introduced at In-N-Out Burger. We chose to incorporate a childrens meal into their menu and we are now working on phase 4 of the marketing plan. I am looking for ideas on how to answer he following question.

Analyze the effect of channel management decisions on the marketing of your selected product or service.

So far I have the following notes and information jotted down:

- The option of adding fruit
- Use existing produce (local growers) channels in order to maintain quality control
- Identify what existing channels what products can be purchased
- Management will remain the same

Channel management is the process by which a producer or supplier directs marketing activity by involving and motivating parties comprising its channel of distribution. In-N-Out Burger is planning to add fruit to its menu. Just like the potatoes used for our In-N-Out French fries the fruit will come from the finest, freshest ingredients we can find-fruit shipped right from the farm. The aim is to continue the use of local growers to maintain quality control of the product.

How would channel management decisions effect the marketing of the new children's meal?

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Channel management would greatly enhance the addition of adding a children's meal to In-N-Out's menu. In-N-Out could utilize local growers as channels to help maintain quality control and promote the products. Initially, In-N-Out must establish standards for the product. For instance, fruit must be in-season, fresh, and appeal to children. Since the local growers are more likely to have expertise in produce, it would behoove the growers to be involved in this process. In addition, it would allow In-N-Out to learn from the growers' expertise. Channel management would allow In-N-Out to take advantage of the rigorous standards and inspections that growers already utilize to maintain quality control.

Next, policies must be established in regards to order management and product fulfillment. Growers must have some constraints involved to avoid overloading In-N-Out locations with fresh fruit that may spoil without sufficient ...

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This solution discusses the effect of channel management decision on the marketing of a new product, in this case, the marketing of new children's meals at In N Out Burger. APA reference is included.