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    Cereal box with dispenser

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    Our product will be a cereal box with a dispenser similar to a Morton's salt container. We'll present to General Mills. The purpose is to keep cereal fresh longer, make dispensing easier, and reduce problems by removing the inner bag.
    Prepare a summary for each part of the paper to include the following:

    1) Identify public relations opportunities for the product/service.

    2) Analyze the impact of channel management decisions on the marketing or your selected product or service. Select appropriate distribution channels for your product or service and address costs in terms of placement, shipping, and middlemen.

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    Distribution Channel for Cereal Box


    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the distribution channel for the effective transportation of the cereal box along with a dispenser. There is also a description of the public relations opportunities for the product and service. The cereal box selected for this paper is similar to the Morton salt container, which is used to make the dispensing easier. Apart from this, there will be a discussion of the impact of channel management decisions on the cereal box and distribution channel for the distribution of the cereal box.

    Public relation opportunities

    Public relation is a constant effort to develop and maintain goodwill & mutual understating between an organization and its public. The role of identifying public relation opportunities is important, as it identifies the related public and influences their opinions effectively. There are various opportunities existing in the market for cereal boxes in terms of public relations, which further assist the marketer to effectively build a brand image of this cereal box among the key customers. Product placement is a public relation opportunity for the cereal box which has a dispenser, as it increases the awareness of the product in the public and builds harmonious relationship with the public, which is good from the business point of view (Boone & Kurtz, 2006).

    There is also an opportunity in terms of public relation for the cereal box, as it is possible to attach some quizzes, puzzles and cutouts in the back of this box, which further attracts the attention of the people and increases their curiosity during the demonstration. There is also an opportunity for the organization to offer some discount on the cereal box to the suppliers, employees, shareholders and customers in order to make healthy and firm relations with them, which in turn assist it to increase the popularity of this product before the General Mills to which the company wants to sale its product.

    Company can also avail the help of communication tools, which are of three types like consumer, business and employee communication. In consumer communication, company can use different tools such as consumer exhibitions, product launch events ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1399 Words, APA References