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Describing a product attributes: Cereal container

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Our product will be a cereal box with a dispenser similar to a Morton's salt container. We'll present to General Mills. The purpose is to keep cereal fresh longer, make dispensing easier, and reduce problems by removing the inner bag.
Prepare a paper to include the following:

a. Describe the attributes of your product or service in detail.

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I am providing a basic start to your paper. It does not meet your word count, but with your input and conclusion, it should be more than acceptable. I have outlined the reasons for the container as stated in the question and supported with problems and solutions the container will provide.

We are very proud to introduce our new product, a cereal box with pour spout on the top of the box. We feel that this will keep cereal fresher longer, make dispensing easier and cleaner, reduce problems associated with the inner bag, and provide consumers with a better choice of cereal box without having to buy other kitchen products. Many people feel the need to buy plastic containers to hold cereal, adding the expense ...

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A sample detailed description of a product, a cereal with a dispenser feature, for presentation to a company. The details are outlined in essay format.