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    Survey Analysis for a company's cereal product

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    A company's cereal is not selling well. Create a 10-15-question survey that measures customers' preferences for the company's cereal product. Then, answer the following questions:

    How many scale items will you put in the survey? Justify your answer.
    Will you use multiple-choice questions? Why or why not?
    How many scale items will you use in the survey?
    Why did you select that number of scale items?
    How many scale points will you use in the survey? Justify your answer.
    What data type will be used in the survey? Justify your answer.

    Submit your answers in a Microsoft Word document.
    Cite sources you use in the APA format on a separate page.

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    Survey Analysis

    Survey questions

    1. Do you recommend the cereal product to your friends?
    2. Are you willing to pay premium for the cereal product?
    3. Which product do you prefer? The cereal product or the substitute product?
    4. What are the reasons for changing diet behavior?
    5. Are there any changes which could be inflicted on the cereal product?
    6. Are the prices of the cereal product worth the product amount?
    7. How many packets of cereal does an individual purchase in a month from the company?
    8. Why does a customer purchase substitutes to the cereal product other than the cereal product?
    9. What is more nutritious, the cereal or the substitutes to the cereal?
    10. If the cereal prices were reduced, would you purchase the company's cereal product?

    How many scale items should be put in the survey?

    Rating scales are a common component of many out source, multi method frameworks for social emotional and behavior assessment of items. I will put five scale items in the survey because what I am trying to measure is one-dimensional meaning that it is one dimensional in nature.

    Proper question development is usually guided by the application of several basic ...

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    A survey analysis for a company's cereal product is examined. The reason for changing the diet behavior is determined.