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    Target population and sampling frame with the ethical codes

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    1. Define the appropriate target population and the sampling frame in each of the following situations:

    a. The manufacturer of a new cereal brand wants to conduct in-home product usage tests in Chicago.
    b. A national chain store wants to determine the shopping behavior of the customers who have it store charge card.
    c. A local TV station wants to determine households' viewing habits and programming preferences.
    The local chapter of the American Marketing association wants to test the effectiveness of its new member drive in Atlanta.

    2. A manufacturer would like to survey users to determine the demand potential for a new power press. The new press has a capacity of 500 tons and costs $225,000. It is used for forming products from lightweight steel and can be used by automobile, construction equipment, and major appliance manufacturers.

    a. Identify the population and sampling frame that could be used.
    b. Describe how a simple random sample can be drawn using the identified sampling frame.
    c. Could a stratified sample be used? If so, how?
    d. Could a cluster sample be used? If so, how?
    e. Which sampling technique would you recommend? Why?


    1. Visit the Web sites of some marketing research suppliers. Make a report of all the material related to fieldwork that is posted on these sites.

    2. Visit the Marketing Research Association Web site (www.mra-net.org) and examine the ethical codes relating to data collection. Write a brief report.

    3. Using project management software, such as Microsoft Project, develop a fieldwork schedule for conducting a national survey of consumer preferences for fast foods involving 2,500 mall-intercept interviews in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Dallas, St. Louis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Orlando, Atlanta, New York City, and Boston.

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    1. a. The appropriate target population for the in-home serial product usage test in Chicago, would be individuals between the ages of 5 and 34, of all ethnic and racial groups, due to the fact that young individuals within this age group tend to consume the most cereal products of any age group. The sampling frame for this test should be a list of homes with individuals within this age group that can be obtained from the latest area census report.

    b. The appropriate target population for this study would be customers of all ages who had this store's charge card. The sampling frame for this test should be this store's data bank containing a list of all customers who have this store's charge card.

    c. The target population save should be those individuals who own at least one television. The sampling frame should be the results of an opinion poll that was taken in reference to the programming practices of TV owners.

    2. a. The target population for this study should be industrial manufacturers involved in the heavy metal industry, and the sampling frame should be the survey data containing ...