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Considerations of Food Store/Grower Association Agreement

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Resource: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization
Create a checklist of questions that need to be raised in each of the following situations:

o The local organic produce growers want contracts with Kudler so they can have some certainty regarding where their produce is sold. Should Kudler enter into contracts with these growers?

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Considerations in Providing Organic Product to a Virtual Foods Organization

The solution below is a set of questions that both parties should be concerned with in entering an agreement or contract which includes an organic growers association and a fine foods virtual producer. These questions are those that any two businesses might ask and look out for the best interest of both parties.

Question Checklist

Questions for Kudler Fine ...

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This summary provides a list of considerations for both an online organic food store and the growers association entering into the agreement. Both sides have concerns about the conditions of supplying the store with organic products, with respect to price, volume and how seasonal selections will affect the sales of products in the online store.