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    Hospital Management Administrative Law

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    You are the Manager/CEO of a small rural hospital and you have a definitive management style (your style). identify your management style and how you would incorporate your style with managing an eighty bed hospital in rural America. What is your professional posture with the community, the different types of employees, and members of the medical staff? Would your style or posture change if you managed a five hundred bed urban health care facility?

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    In essence, my management style incorporates useful aspects of the autocratic, paternalistic, democratic, and laissez-fair management styles. At its core my management style is a infusion of these management styles, due to the fact that there are aspects of each style that are extremely useful in the management of human resources and material. Through the use of some of the aspects of each of these management styles, I have come to develop my own unique hybrid management style, which I believe is very effective for the management of a small rural hospital.

    From the autocratic style of leadership I would incorporate a more permissive formal autocratic management and leadership methodology, due to the fact that at the end of the day I will be the individual that will make the final decision as to what would take place, but I will give subordinate managers an extreme amount of freedom to exercise their judgment in carrying out the duties that I assign to them. I would incorporate this aspect of my management style into the management of an 80 bed hospital in rural America by unilaterally making all of the pertinent decisions concerning the day-to-day operations of this hospital, but I would delegate duties to the managers of different departments within the ...