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    Ethics of an Unsanitary Environment

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    The Scenario:
    In performing an audit at a local Trauma I hospital. I was asked to wait for the Chief Nursing Officer in a patient waiting room that was filthy with unwrapped, uneaten food, paper on the floor and a set of patient discharge instructions that included protected health information (PHI). Numerous staff personnel when in and out of this room, yet not one stopped to clean or pick up the PHI papers.

    What are the legal and ethical issues in this example and what is a staff person's responsibility to remedy the situation?

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    In a business environment, the responsibility for maintaining an orderly organization is imperative for safety and adherence to policy as well as state law. Within the medical field, the requirement for a well organized establishment is utmost important because providers have access to sensitive information / data.

    Try and think on the below items that arises ...

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    The legalities for imposing a less ethical method on unsanitary environments that can impact the public. The required methods in implementing a structured environment for identitying issues preventing progress to remedy situations within a healthcare framework.