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    Ethical Responsibility of a Health Care Administrator

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    Part of the ethical and fiscal responsibility of a health care administrator (HCA) is to be a good steward of resources, but HCAs may not connect their daily operations to this responsibility. Generate a list of a healthcare administrator's daily activities that could be affected by this obligation. For example, waste management can be seen as a just business practice, but it has a larger impact. Provide examples and discuss ways that could improve administrators' level of social responsibility in their daily operations.

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    One healthcare administrator daily activity that could be affected by this obligation is the hiring of new staff members, due to the fact that these individuals must be compensated at the minimal expense possible for the organization, yet at a rate that attracts and retains the highest quality employees. Ethically it would be important for the healthcare administrator to pay these employees a reasonable and fair wage based upon their skill levels as well. Another healthcare administrator activity that may be affected by this obligation is the managing the maintenance and improvement of the facility in which the healthcare organization operates. This is due to the fact that all maintenance and improvement operations must be conducted within the budgetary constraints allotted for these activities, and it is ...