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Accountable Care Organization

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How does access to information impact the success of ACOs?

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs ) are "groups of healthcare providers that work to together to coordinate care and deliver service efficiently to Medicare beneficiaries." ACO are responsible for reducing health care cost in the Medicare population. The assess to information will impact a great deal to the success of ACOs because the ACOs group need these information about the ...

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This solution explains what Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are and the purpose of the organizations. Details on how they provide accesses to information are included.

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Accountable Care Organizations

Select Group has decided to offer the first accountable care plan in a small community of 25,000 people in West Virginia. Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are a new concept, especially in this region. In conducting a consumer survey prior to the introduction of the structure, Select Group finds that attitudes toward a ACOs are very negative. Some people believe they will be locked into a system if they join, whereas others feel this form of healthcare delivery is a socialist approach to medicine. What options does Select Group have in trying to change these attitudes?

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