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    Differing Objectives of Board, Administration and Medical Staff

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    Explain the political and economic difficulties that exist between the board, administration and medical staff. In addition, tell how the objectives of these groups differ.

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    Briefly put, each of these three groups cater to the needs and wants of different populations.

    Board: They are accountable to the stakeholders of an organization. These can range from a small group of private owners, a government or a large number of investors, especially if the organization is publicly traded.

    Administration: They are accountable to the staff and to the Board. They are often considered as the liaison between the needs and wants of both groups.

    Staff: They are accountable to patients, to the public and to ...

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    This solution provides a brief discussion on the differing priorities and objectives of the Board, administration and medical staff of a hospital organization, describing how these groups work together and how sometimes their different roles can cause them to experience conflict.