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    An analysis of acute hospital care

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    Must follow the guidelines below.

    Using a typical acute care hospital as a model, discuss the following:

    Identify the departments and professionals involved in a typical acute care hospital.

    Discuss 3 managerial methods for coordinating organizational activities and personnel (for internal and external departments). Analyze these 3 methods for effectiveness and efficiency.

    Define the terms, acute hospital, coordinating, organizational activities.

    Needs to be 5 pages and have at least 4 references.

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    One of the departments within an acute care hospital would be the patient records department, which would be the department that is responsible for accurately maintaining patient records, which includes personal information concerning that patient, such as their address and next of kin that is taking upon their intake into an acute care hospital. In addition, this department maintains the records of the patients health condition, as well as the treatments that have been received by this patient within that particular facility. The professionals within that department are usually records departmental managers, as well as clerical personnel that are certified in medical records keeping. Another important department within a typical acute care hospital, would be the general administration's department, which is headed by the hospital administrator or executive officer. This department is charged with the overall management of hospital operations which includes sub departments such as the human resources department, the budgeting and finance department, procurement, the accounts receivable department, etc. the professionals within these departments would include human resources managers and specialists, certified public accountants, business administrators, and their staff members.

    In respect to the departments and professionals that are directly involved in the care of patients, one of the most important departments would be the acute assessment department or section. This would be the department that would be involved in ensuring that there is a proper analysis and assessment of patient conditions in order to ensure that these patients are treated in the manner that is most commensurate with ...

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