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    Financial Analysis of Health Care Center

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    Using the information available, prepare a 3-4 page paper assessing your organization's financial condition by applying the ratios. If unable to locate financial information necessary for this project, use the hypothetical information found at the following site: Benchmarks

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    Financial Analysis of Health Care Center


    Glengariff Health Care Center is a leading health care center that is established in the year 1971. It is also a well reputed provider of quality sub-acute short term and long term medical care. It was the first health care center that received JCAHO Accreditation in New York State for its sub-acute medical care. It develops its services and programs by using latest technology and the medical knowledge. It is the only provider of Hemodialysis in its sub-acute care. The management of Glengariff is committed to fulfill the need of health care of its patients. Glengariff Health Care Center is associated with the finest hospitals in the city and state and is served by the licensed nurses and therapists.

    Glengariff Health Care Center is located at a beautiful and peaceful environment. It also includes special private and semi private rooms. Registered dieticians of the center provide nutritious meals to the patients that are prepared by the talented chief of the health care center. Its staff offers a wide range of social and health care activities that help to cover many interests and abilities (Glengariff Health Care Organization).

    Financial Analysis

    In the current environment, every organization (government or non-government) prepares financial reports. It is done by the financial manager, who also looks for the direct investment activities and cash management strategies. The financial manager does the financial analysis of the organization for the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 952 Words, APA References