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    Strategic Plan Development for Tuffs-NEMC

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    Tuffs-NEMC has made a number of successful changes in the recent past but Tuffs-NEMC needs a strategic plan to keep the staff on track for the turnaround, to improve efficiency, and increase cash flows.

    Could you please assist me in understanding the development of the following:

    - Executive Summary
    - Strategic Audit
    - Strategic External Analysis
    - Strategic Internal Analysis
    - Strategic Assessment
    - Strategic Alternatives with Selection
    - Implementation - Critical Success Factors.

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    // In this section, the main discussion will be on executive summary, strategic-audit, and strategic-external analysis. Executive summary will summarize whole paper in a good manner. Strategic external analysis is about research and synthesizing this industry segment's attractiveness, major trend, value delivery system, customer and competitor analysis.//

    Executive Summary:

    In the concerned project, main description is about strategic audit of the Tuffs-NEMC, strategic external analysis, strategic internal analysis, strategic assessment, strategic alternatives with selection, implementation, and critical Success factors, etc. Strategic audit of the company includes history of the company, mission, values, historic results, key strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. Along with this, all the factors have some critical aspects, which have been described in an understandable manner.

    Strategic Audit:


    Tuffs-NEMC is a medical institution, which is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. It has occupied space between Chinatown and the theater district. It is a center, which is associated with biomedical research. Tuffs-NEMC is engaged in full service. It comes under one of the top academic medical centers of city, with a staff of nationality. Numerous expert researchers and physicians, who are identifiable nationally and internationally, are employed here in this medical institution.

    Furthermore, history of Tuffs-NEMC can be categorized in charitable roots, a pioneer in health care, an agreement for future, and a renowned reputation for research. This institution has commenced its function in 1796. The institution is supposed as pioneer in the health care Recent (Healthcare Transactions, 2012).


    Tuffs-NEMC has a mission under which it maintains patient-centered care, high-quality, and initiation in several treatments and in health care delivery developments. Thus, the best care in maintaining harmony with the highest standards of hospital authorization is provided to the patients (TUFTS medical center, 2012).


    Tuffs-NEMC has great values. It is assumed that company's image among its patients is represented by its excellent past records and best health services. These all have become possible because its employees work in a superior manner. Thus, it gives importance to its employees and researchers, so that sense of belongingness can be maintained. Innovation, safety, integrity, service excellence, and accountability come under its guiding values.

    Historical results:

    Historical results of Tuffs-NEMC demonstrate that at the starting of 1830s, sociological conditions of its patients were examined by the dispensary physicians. The first clinic, the first lung clinic, and the first dental clinic were inaugurated in the period of 1856-1899 in the United Sates. At the end of 1918, the first evening pay clinic was created by this medical center.

    Plentiful medical practices and services were initiated in this medical center, which are being followed in current time by various institutes; for instance, several nurses were assigned for giving help to district physicians in their works (Shih, 2008).

    Key strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses:

    Tuffs-NEMC has several strengths. It has direct mail delivery, which comprises sophisticated software. It has an advanced order fulfillment system that provides products in a quick and efficient manner. Weakness includes a low medium barrier of entry. Opportunity is concerned with augmented relations with merchandisers to generate additional growth, whereas, threat is present regarding foreign rate fluctuations and lesser Research and Development investment, which can be a negative force for the company (University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago Strategic Plan, 2006).

    Strategic External Analysis:

    Research and synthesize this industry segment's attractiveness:

    Tuffs-NEMC has a long-standing history of excellence in teaching and research, along with its emphasis on the patient care. The house staff, which is recruited for internal medical training, is outstanding here. Around 150 full time faculties, 145 fellows and 72 house officers come under its professional staff. There are ample numbers of opportunities for collaboration and partnership with the department and division on campus in medical center. Thus, patients get attracted by analyzing its past data and good health care services (TUFTS medical center pulmonary and critical care medicine fellowship training program, 2012).

    Major trend:

    Some of the major trends, such as home care facilities, 24*7 hours services, are provided to the patients. These new trends also include web content and forum, telemedicine, web medicine, remote medicine, disease management services, electronic health record, diet, fitness and wellness services.

    Value delivery system:

    A high value delivery system is developed in Tuffs-NEMC. It comprises health care reform, which ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2533 words with references.