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Health Care Industry Background

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Please describe a historical background of the industry. The topic is a 218-beds acute care facility.

Please discuss in 200 words the history of the organization's industry - Acute Care facilities.

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The solution discusses the historical background of the health care industry.

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Let's take a closer look from various sources that you can draw on for your final 200 word final copy.


The organization's industry of Acute Care facilities has a fairly long history. The term acute care often refers to hospitals, emergency rooms and ambulatory patient clinics. The purpose is to tend to the needs and stabilize the patient either to transfer her to a subacute facility for further follow up and treatment, or to be discharged home with proper discharge care instructions. (see http://www.ct.gov/ohca/lib/ohca/hospitalstudy/hosptoday.pdf).

One definition of acute care is:

"a ...

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