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    Medical Career

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    Name of organization (Cardinal Health).

    Reason why you selected this organization? (Because I'm in the healthcare business and Cardinal health deals with healthcare and pharmaceutical issues).

    The Description and the analysis of the organization should include type of industry, number of employees, basic history, any other pertinent information as to why this is a great company.

    I need this to be a minimum of 250 words with 3 sources in APA format.

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    I have selected Cardinal Health because I have skills in various ways in which care is delivered, the regulations that must be followed, and the technology that must be deployed. I have the ability to work in the changing health care environment and can solve problems related to preventive care (Sue Kilminster, Miriam Zukas, Naomi Quinton, Trudie Roberts, 2010).
    Cardinal Health is a Fortune 19 company that improves cost-effectiveness of healthcare. It offers the most efficient, secure and economical source of pharmaceuticals. It also operates the network of the largest nuclear pharmacies. It also makes high volume replenish able products ...

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