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Surplus of physicians in the United States miscalculated

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Is there a surplus of physicians in the United States?

What is the likely long-term impact of the influx of IMGs into the US healthcare system?

Why is the lack of minority representation in the U.S. health profession such a compelling problem for health policy makers?

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The issue of the number of doctors in the USA and whether it will serve the next generation adequately is discussed.

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With the baby boom population growing by the day, in fact there will be a shortage of physicians in the coming years. Larger communities presently may have an adequate supply, due to resources, and revenue opportunities but outside the suburbs now, there are shortages, along with inability to pay. The growing number of people that lack the resources to afford adequate health care is growing.

Currently, the economic challenges, as well as higher unemployment and a reduction of employee benefits (including health care), citizens are less able to receive health care. With a decline in ability to pay, this puts the ...

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