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Health Administration

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Health Administration is discussed in great detail in this solution.

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Assignment: Personal Reflection and Purpose (Health Administration)

Part 1
Reflection and Purpose statement of a maximum of 1,000 words, using APA formatting standards and references. The assignment should include, at a minimum, the following key elements:

A) The factors that led you to pursue a degree in Health Administration and your purpose for engaging this level of scholarship. Include the academic influences that have shaped your thinking regarding your field of study-these should include primarily books, scholars, and well-known professionals. Personal references, such as family or religious inspiration, are often too individualized for the purposes of this assignment and course; however, if these influences play a significant role in your practice and in your continuing engagement with doctoral studies, they are appropriate for inclusion. Exercise judgment in your choices for this assignment.

I have pursued a degree in health administration because it leads to a career that is lucrative, challenging and helps improve the health care system. When I decided to pursue a degree in Health Administration, I felt that I would become an integral part of the system that would meet the needs of patients in the health care system. I felt that I would be at the helm of an organization like hospitals, clinics or nursing homes. I was excited by the idea of becoming a health care executive. I wanted to manager a large health care facility. I was thrilled by the idea of becoming a manager of a major health Care facility. I had thought that managing a health care facility efficiently would be my way of caring for the sick, contributing to the community and combining my profession with service to the society.

B) The information in BLUE is to be use in developing the statement

2) Your current level of preparedness and your sense of your current position in the field.

a) How do you see your studies affecting your current practice in the field?
My studies have provided the tools that I actively use in my present work in the field. Currently, I work in a pharmaceutical company where I am responsible for carrying out clinical trials and other safety tests to ensure the safety and efficacy of new medicines. I also actively contribute to the planning for new drug development, setting objectives, fixing timeline and allocating responsibilities. My efforts have led to the quick "development' and 'testing' of some important drugs.

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