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    Limited Resources in Healthcare

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    As a nurse for the past 18 years, I cannot ever remember a time in my nursing career where the nursing field did not have to deal with limited resources. Most changes often occur at the staff nurse level because they are on the front line of events occurring. The news is often filtered up to nurse managers, the daily events affecting their unit. Unfortunately nurse managers have little to no control over the limited resources but responsible and will be held accountable if an adverse event happens on their unit. I think of the motto, "all for one" and "one for all" because that is what nurses need to do. There is strength in numbers and nurses need to ensure that their patients are receiving quality care by advocating more during these times of limitations. However this applies as I stated before to all health care providers.

    Let me pose this question; Do you think patients should be made aware of limited resources when admitted to the facility?

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    I think that informing patients of limited resources should only occur if that limitation affects the care that would be given to that particular patient. Full inventory should be taken of the resources on a frequent basis so that the nursing staff and managers are ...

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