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National Health Insurance as a Threat and Opportunity

Is the National Health Insurance program a threat or an opportunity for health care organizations?

If you were a hospital CEO, how would you respond? How would you want your organization to respond before the program is implemented? How would you want to respond after the program begins?

How would you expect your relationships with your stakeholders to change after the program is implemented?

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The National Health Insurance program is both a threat and opportunity for health care organizations. The Accountable Care Act includes provisions for using evidence based practice, bundling services, increasing quality and decreasing costs. The rules for health care reimbursement will change, these changes are not completely understood. The health care organization should assume most changes will take effect.

Threats will be the possibility of new patients without adequate reimbursement or primary care physicians to follow them. The bundled care structure can be a threat if the organization is not prepared for it. Many believe that some ...

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This 420 word 3 paragraph instructional discusses the National Health Insurance and Health Care Organizations. National Health Insurance can be both a threat and opportunity for Health Care Organizations. How will the Accountable Care Act affect Health Care?