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    Non profit financing

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    Can someone please provide me some assistance with a question. Its for an MBA course. It needs to be between 350 and 450 words or so. How is your nonprofit financed? From a recent annual report or other source of financial information (e.g., financial statements, IRS 990 forms, or nonprofit's web site) create a pie chart to show the various sources of revenue. Does that distribution look healthy to you? Please comment. Please also include a question for my peers. Thank you so much in advance for all your help. I really appreciate it.

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    Our organization is able to gain grants for the work we perform. We also receive money from the For Profit organization, as part of the original reason for setting up the nonprofit. A problem needed to be discussed and addressed. The for-profit often was forced to work for little income with some clients because there was limited or no money to fund their needs. This matter, while not a problem morally, for business it is a big problem. The donated money returns to the company, but it does help clients add to their services needed.

    Finally, families and friends of clients, former clients, and ...

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    A review of the funding sources of a nonprofit.