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Specific Financial Management in Healthcare

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Please explain your perspective or meaning to the following questions:

1. Healthcare financing

2. The role of the United States Government in both the oversight and funding of healthcare services

3. Major differences between for-profit and non-profit health service organizations

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This solution aids the student in understanding the role of healthcare financing, the role of the US government in funding of healthcare services, and the differences between health service organizations. It provides the student with a comprehensive review with one reference.

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Healthcare financing affects people, businesses, and society alike. In countries such as the United States, healthcare financing is largely subsidized by the government or an entity/organization related to it generally collected from citizens of the nation. In some countries, healthcare financing is funded completely by the government and others collect taxes to pay for it. Let's focus on the United States, though. The United States health care system is partially market-based where healthcare is paid via private entities (i.e. employers and individuals). However, even in market-based systems, the government may provide subsidies to vulnerable, elderly, disabled, etc. populations. For example, we have Medicare and Medicaid. Both market-based and government-funded financing have advantages and disadvantages. Because market-based systems offer financial incentives for developing new medical advances, ...

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