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Flow Diagrams

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Please see the attachment. Need help in flow diagrams.

Please provide flow diagrams in MS WORD as Well as in Power Point Slides. Please Donot Copy and paste.

1.) Provide flow charts with blocks that stick with the connectors, so when you move them you can see that the arrows are following

2.) More over when u write the text inside the box, the box get aligned automatically if the text is large or the text should get aligned with the size of the box.

Please make sure that every diagram should look excellent. Please make sure that it should look professional.

Font Type: Times New Romain

Font Size : use any one of the font size 10, 11, 12. For example When u use font Size 10, make sure that each diagram should use font size 10.

Please let me know could you able to do it?

Please reply as soon as possible.

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