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Function and Purpose of Wireless LAN Hardware Devices

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Review the list of components The following list contains components you would find in both a wired and a wireless network.

? Wireless router
? Computer
? Firewall
? Wireless access point
? Hub
? Modem
? Printer
? Server
? Switch
? Wireless network interface card (NIC)
? Router
? Scanner
? Multiplexer

Describe the function and purpose of each component listed in Appendix C.

Explain how the components are related to each other. For example, does the component you are describing depend on another to operate? Is it connected to the network physically or wirelessly?

Include whether or not the component is optional or whether it is required in a wireless network. If it is an optional component, explain why it would or would not be used in a WLAN.

Using the Internet, research the average cost of each component and include the cost in your description. Be sure to reference the Web site(s) where you found this information.

350 to 700 words

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This solution explains in brief the different components of Wireless LAN hardware devices including Wireless router, access points, hub, modem, switch and multiplexer among other components.

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