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Mainframe and PC

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Mainframe computing used to be the only way to manage enterprise data. Then personal computers changed the data management scene. How do these two computing styles differ, and how did the shift to PC-based computing evolve?

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In large scale businesses, data management is very important. The amount of data that needs to be stored and processed is very large, and is very critical in the overall process flow of the business. In the early days of computing, only mainframe computers could handle those activities. The personal computers are not as powerful as a mainframe computer. A mainframe computer is a type of computer that has a very powerful computing ability. It has a very fast processing speed, large data storage to contain bulky data, and has features to maintain reliability of operation. A mainframe computer is a very large hardware, typically as large as a file cabinet, or can be ...

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Managing enterprise data used to fall primarily on mainframe computing but then personal computers were introduced. How are the two computer styles different? How did the management of data shift from a mainframe system to a PC-based computing system?

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