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    Major trends in software

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    1 Are networks of PCs and servers making mainframe computers obsolete? Explain.
    2. What major trends are occurring in software? What capabilities do you expect to see in future software packages?
    3. Why is an operating system necessary? That is, why can't an end user just load an application program in a computer and start computing?

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    1 Are networks of PCs and servers making mainframe computers obsolete? Explain.

    -- There has been a trend in recent years where we've seen networks of PCs and servers replace mainframe computers, in a wide array of setups. There are many advantages to replacing mainframes with PC/server networks. They're simpler to maintain, they're more cost advantageous, and the capabilities are greater with the server/PC setup. As this setup has progressed with technology, it has become cost-effective to run and maintain for various locations, when a company has multiple, including international, locations.

    While this setup has become ideal, the problem is that not every single business or entity is suitable for a server/PC setup. There are still some functions that are handled more efficiently by a mainframe computer. Those working in governmental agencies, ...

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