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    enviromental trends and feasability analysis

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    1. Describe four environmental trends that are most instrumental in creating business opportunities. For each trend, provide an example of the type of business opportunity it might help create. Finally, list one trend that may possibly result from the current environment.

    2. Answer the following questions about feasibility analyses. What are the differences between the organizational and financial feasibility of a venture? What is the importance of these two types of feasibility? Which type of analysis do you feel is most important to the success of an entrepreneurial venture?

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    1. a. Socioculture trends such as the "going green" movement. This movement is creating new opportunities for producers of wind turbines. It also provides an opportunity for trucking companies with the capability to transport the components to potential sites. It opens up opportunities for environmental testing companies since the massive amounts of lubricant needed to keep the turbines running are absorbed into the soil.

    b. Economic trends. The economy is rebounding and companies are hiring again. Many employers need skilled workers so training facilities are hired to train new workers. Also industries such as trucking, if the driver has not been in a truck in more than 6 months, a refresher CDL course is ...

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    two questions. One describing environmental trends and the impacts they have on an industry.

    The other is a description and importance of a feasability analysis and the different types of feasability analyses.