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    PC Networking

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    Your company is considering connecting your mainframe to the PC network. The mainframe currently only connects to terminals, but management wants to be able to access it from the desktop. You run a token ring network. The mainframe manufacturer supports Ethernet, but not token ring. Develop an outline of possible solutions for making this connection, including hardware options and possible reconfiguration of the mainframe.

    2. Your company decided to permit employees to telecommute from home one or two days a week. All employees live in areas that CATV service, but some live in neighborhoods that are six miles from the nearest central office. What kind of connectivity solution makes the most sense if you want to use the same technology for all users? What is a possible downside of making such a choice?

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    This solution deals with two questions. The first question deals with token ring network and connectivity of mail frames to a PC network. The second solution deals with recommended connectivity for employees who stay in the vicinity of the company.