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Dear Sir/Madame,

I would like to request assistance in developing my Iphone Marketing Plan.

Besides the development of a standard marketing plan for the Apple Iphone I would like to request the following:
Sales forecast, Market potential, Market share, Competitive structure, Fixed and variable cost , Contribution per unit , Break even, Cash flow requirements, and Expected ROI

Please reference for all work.

Thank you

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I would like to request assistance in developing my Iphone Marketing Plan.
The vision of Iphone is to provide all people with a mobile all the facilities of an internet PC. They can access the internet through the their mobile phone and carry out all the functions that they would from their Internet PC. Iphone leverages the potential of a mobile phone by providing it will all the functions that a normal PC has.
Generate over $3 billion in sales revenues by the end of the year.
Increase the sales to 10 million Iphone at the end of the year.
Increase the market share of Iphone to at least 20% at the end of the year.
Target market:
The customer will be between the ages of 12 and 45 who require the use of internet for studying, playing games, or for professional reasons. The customers belong to the family income range of $60,000 to $250,000 and have a PC at hone.
Market Segmentation:
we divide the market into two parts namely the students and employees.
The students:
This segment requires Iphone for use as a mobile phone to remain connected with other students. In addition, they need to access the internet for the purpose of retrieving study material, course material and making online submissions.
The professionals (employees)
This segment requires Iphone for accessing the internet to get work related information and to submit online reports.
Target Market Segment Strategy:
The strategy for targeting students will be to present the Iphone as the easy to use internet access devices and a product that is likely to give the students competitive advantage when they use it for academic purposes.
The strategy for targeting the employees will be that Iphone keeps the management in touch with its employees all the time. It is as if the employees are carrying a PC without having to carry the load of the PC.
Needs and ...

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