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Strategic Marketing

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Can you please follow the questions below and use iPhone 4S again. I appreciate your work. 4-5 pages and 3 or more references.

For this project, explain the Strengths and/or Weaknesses of iPhone 4S and Opportunities and/or Threats to the financial future of iPhone 4S in the section of the paper called: Strategies/Promotion.

For information regarding the promotional activities of iPhone 4S, Do not go to the product's website. Instead, use the search engines described at in the following website to search for iPhone 4S. or refer to places where you know your product is being promoted. Don't worry about being comprehensive: just find what you can.

For example, if you

MAMA "Alpo + Commercial" you get directed to some YouTube ads.
MAMA "Alpo + press release" you'll get a sense of the publicity received by that product.
Go to Facebook or Twitter, you can see if the company has a presence.

Now get creative.

Under Strategies/Promotion,

Describe the kind of promotion you would expect to see for iPhone 4S and (most important) WHY you would expect to see this promotion.
Do you believe these promotional strategies are appropriate to the target market and position of Apple? Why or why not?
Critique the role of online marketing for the Apple brand.
Explain the Promotional Strengths and/or Weaknesses of iPhone 4S and Promotional Opportunities and/or Threats to the financial future of iPhone 4S.

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Strategic Marketing is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation..

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Under Strategies/Promotion,
The strengths of iPhone 4S are that the phone has Siri the intelligent assistant that you can talk to and scream to. There is a dual core A5 chip. This speeds up the functions of the iPhone 4S. Finally, there is the new camera that functions better than any other camera on phone.
The weaknesses of iPhone 4S are the Blue tooth connectivity and range are defective. There are numerous complaints about this problem. The problem is not with headsets but with iPhone 4S. Further there is static disturbance when calls are made. This creates problems when using iPhone 4S. Siri is good but internationally it does not work because it does not understand the accent of speakers from different parts of the world. In addition, iPhone 4S has flopped because of battery problems. Even though Apple has released updates, these have not resolved battery problems. The battery drains quickly. In several cases it has been noticed that there is no audio on outgoing calls. This is a serious problem for people who want iPhone 4S to function as a mobile phone. Where the casing is black, yellow color appears on screen.
Describe the kind of promotion you would expect to see for iPhone 4S and (most important) WHY you would expect to see this promotion.
There are two types of promotions that I expect to see for iPhone 4S. The first will be designed to differentiate iPhone 4S from every competitor. This will be achieved through promoting its features. I expect its advertising to focus on features like Siri. There are innumerable possibilities of making TV ads using Siri. There can be celebrities talking and getting talked back by Siri, there can be sports celebrities being reminded of a number of things by Siri, and people on the go being assisted by Siri. The next feature that will be used ...

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