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Subway case study

I have to write a paper on a case study about the Subway sandwich shop. Trouble getting the introduction started because I don't understand what the "statement of the strategic marketing issues being addressed in the case" is.

In the introduction, I must a statement of the strategic marketing issue being addressed in the case, my answer or response to the issue and a brief explanation of how I will provide proof to substantiate your answer or response.

Any help on how I shoud get started?

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I believe that its best to first understand what strategic marketing is referring to, or rather, what this means. The purpose of strategic marketing is to improve clients' success in the marketplace by providing strategic, analytical, and marketing services that allow them to prioritize their efforts, execute effective action plans, and ultimately, improve their profitability. Having said this, I would read through the case study to determine what specific strategic marketing issues are being discussed, such as, new product development, image ...

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