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    Franchise or Franchisee

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    Can someone explain Subways business model. I am having trouble deciding if it would be a better option to be the franchisee or the franchiser. Why? Thank you!

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    In business, the main objective is gaining profitability within any business venture within a competitive marketplace, such as, the fast serving deli /sandwich shop. If the individual seeking to either own but lease out the business have limited knowledge of the interworking of the business should consider performing on a level as a franchisee. The first hand approach by conducting the business entity through the realm of franchisee offers an opportunity for a main focuses on lower start up of ...

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    This solution provides a review into evaluating a business model in either franchise or franchisee to ensure long-term success using the case study of Subway. It discusses the benefits and costs in being the franchise or franchisee. All references used are included.