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global implications

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A) What are some of the global implications for
1).Limited Liability Corporation
2).Joint venture
b) Steps to format a Franchise

c) Who is financial liable on a Franchise?
d) What are some of the tax benefit for a franchise corporation?

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Business Entity

a) What are some of the global implications for
1).Limited Liability Corporation;
Limited Liability Corporation provides protection to shareholders against unlimited liability. I case of global business the risk of loss can be very large and unlimited liability may place too high a burden on owners/stockholders. LLC provides an effective method of reducing risk in global business. LLC also facilitates the forming of foreign division and branches. The LLC protects the owners from risks arising from its foreign branches and departments. Finally, as an organization becomes global its financial risk increases, the LLC helps protect its owners from this financial risk.
2).Joint venture: Joint venture helps global organization with partnering with local businesses. It is useful to secure local knowledge, recruit local ...

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Some global implications are presented.

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