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    Subway franchise selection

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    Visit www.jimmyjohns.com, www.cousinssubs.com, www.subway.com

    If you were going to purchase a franchise from one of these businesses, which one would you chose? what did you use as a basis for your decision? Be specific with the answer as facts checked on each of these websites.an be. Subway, Jimmy John's and Cousins.

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    Business selected
    Finances required for a medium business it would cost me $157,650 to start and that would have the backing of SBA loan programs. This easy mode of financing is the most attractive part of the decision to go in for Subway.
    This apart, the positioning and the reputation of Subway is expected to ease my business development efforts.
    The chain of 26,191 restuarants spread over 85 countries gives me confidence that I am dealing with a winner. This apart, I have ...

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